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By Ken Davis


KD Cad Design Services offer a full Cad design service specialising in the design of jigs & fixtures for the manufacturing industry or a dedicated component design facility.

You may need the drafting of drawings from existing models, existing components, castings or drawings. Part modelling from 2D drawings or sketches into 3D Solid Models to enable "Intelligent Manufacturing" across all industries to suit your specific requirements.

The pressure is always on for manufacturing companies to deliver medium to short batch components to meet their suppliers' demands.

KD Cad Design Services is ideally placed to assist its clients deliver goods on time in offering a Fully Bespoke Jig & Fixture design service. This is tailored directly around your requirements including choice of your Machine Tool and method of manufacture.

By working with KD Cad Design Services you can best decide how we can meet your needs considering minimum cost, lead time & quality of service to maximise not only your machine up time but also reduced lead times for your customers. Bespoke manufactured fixture components or standard "Off The Shelf" elements can be incorporated into the design.

Just contact Ken Davis to discuss your needs. Details are on the contact us page.

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