2D Detailing
KD Cad Design Services produces technical product information (TPD) to the following standards.

  • BS8888:2002 Technical product documentation. (TPD) Specification for defining specifying and graphically representing products.
  • BS 308 (8888) Engineering Drawing Practice.
  • Recommendations for general principles.
  • Recommendations for dimensioning and tolerancing of size.
  • Recommendations for geometric tolerancing.
  • Application of International standards, European Standards and National Standards as and where applicable.
  • Companies' standards as and where defined by the customer in the appropriate contract.
  • Application and knowledge of International and European materials standards.
  • Quality assurance (Checking) of all work can be carried out to customers' requirements
  • Drawings can be supplied as DWG files, DXF files, PDF files & JPEG etc.